Top 10 dumbest inventions of the last decade

The automobile, the calculator, the computer/internet, air conditioning, the light bulb, even taking it as far back as the wheel, are just a few of the most amazing and useful inventions the world has seen, but for every intelligent invention there is a significantly less intelligent invention… even down right stupid invention in the works!

Here is my list of the top ten dumbest inventions to ever see the light of day… (each item is also a link to the products website so you can check out each item in full description

#10: The Booty Pillow

Do you have trouble sleeping alone at night? Do you wish you always had someone to cuddle with? Then you’re in luck because even if you’re single you can still enjoy the company of a life-like partner with the Booty Pillow! That’s right… the Booty Pillow is modeled from the ‘perfect female body’ and you can own this amazing product for only 29.95 and never feel lonely again! Because who needs a real partner… when you have such a realistic pillow!


#9: The Stadium Pal/ Stadium Gal  

Do you love tailgating at concerts and sporting events… but hate when you have to use the restroom? Why break away from the fun to visit the restrooms, when can relieve yourself in front of all your friends and family without anyone knowing? The Stadium Pal is a portable urinal that you can discreetly attach to yourself under your pants. Now you can pee without any guilt, odor or most importantly without missing any of the fun! You may find yourself wondering if this is actually a catheter… and you’d be right! Don’t worry ladies if you are just as lazy as men there is a portable catheter for you too… the Stadium Gal! Now everyone can pee in front of everyone… discreetly of course.

stadium pal-gal3

#8: Eco-Otome (The Japanese toilet sound blocker) 

 Are you embarrassed to use public restrooms because you’re worried people are listening while you go the bathroom? Then the Eco-Otome toilet sound blocker is perfect for you! The compact device makes a flushing noise to cover up your embarrassing bathroom noises. Just hold down the button for 2 seconds and a loud, very realistic flushing sound will invade the entire restroom. People will be so distracted by the ferocious flushing that they will completely forget you’re pooping in the stall next to them. It even comes in three fun colors so you can be stylish while blocking out the sound of your pee.


#7: The Pillow Tie  

Have you ever been drowning in an ocean and wished you had a flotation device… Were you also dressed in a suit and tie? Then the Pillow Tie is a real lifesaver!  This unique tie has a built in, inconspicuous valve that allows you to inflate your tie within seconds. All you do is gently blow into the valve and the tie inflates immediately. Not only does the tie make a great flotation device but it’s also perfect for an accessible pillow on the go! Let’s face those special occasions that you have to dress up for are pretty boring and you’re probably looking to take a quick nap during things like weddings, interviews or even church. So don’t wait another minute to ruin your life (or in the .00000000001% chance you’re drowning in an ocean while wearing a suit, than you would be saving your life) and order the pillow tie today!


#6: The Drib 

Do you often eat a full course meal while driving in your car… but get upset when you spill steak and pasta all over your shirt? Then look no further, the Drib allows you to eat anything and everything while operating a 4,000 lb. motorized vehicle, without fear of ruining your clothing. The Drib is a full length body bib that you can place over yourself while driving in the car. The Drib is absorbent and will catch any food spills you may have. Never risk spilling spaghetti and meat balls all over yourself in the car again, when you buy the Drib for one easy price of $19.95… because kitchen tables are so overrated!


#5: Get-A-Grip  

Are your hands abnormally weak? Do you wish you had strong, muscular hands that you could show off to all your friends? The Get-A-Grip hand exerciser will allow your hands to become so strong… that one flex of your knuckles and no one will ever think of messing with you again. Why go to a gym and focus on working out areas like your stomach and your arms… when you can have sexy, lean, muscular hands!


#4: Stash it ware 

Purses and wallets are so 2013, why put your cell phone and your money in your purse or wallet when you can stash it safely in your underwear? The stash it ware is special underwear that has a secret and conveniently placed pocket right in the crotch of your underwear. It’s also incredibly comfortable to hold your cellphone in the crotch of your underwear. The best part is no one will be able to tell you have objects jammed in your underwear… except when your phone rings and you have to reach into your underwear to retrieve it. And if your tired of people always asking you for a piece of gum or bumming a cigarette from you just stash them in the stash it ware… no one will ever ask you for one again!


#3: The Liar Card   

Is your boyfriend/girlfriend constantly ignoring your phone calls? Then use the Liar Card to block your phone number for hassle free stalking. The Liar Card will disguise your phone number when calling your partner… and if they answer a blocked number over your phone number then you definitely know they’re the one! But not only can the Liar Card block your number but it also can disguise your voice, changing it from male to female or vice versa. They will be completely fooled by this realistic computerized voice and they will most likely tell you personal facts that they wouldn’t share will other complete strangers. Buy the Liar Card today and fool your loved ones anytime you want.


#2: Funky Bod 

Are you a scrawny male that wishes you had the muscular physique of a Greek God? Then don’t waste another minute improving yourself at the gym and order the Funky Bod muscle enhancing t-shirt for only 29.99. The Funky Bod t-shirt contains chest plates to give your chest that pumped up look, shoulder plates to make you look broader and years of embarrassment and harassment when others find out your wearing the Funky Bod t-shirt. The best part is the Funky Bod t-shirt is realistic to touch and no one will ever know you are wearing it… except your close friends, family or anyone who saw you on a regular basis before you purchased this t-shirt.


#1: Stink Yourself Slim spray 

Are you trying to lose weight but the smell of delicious food is so overwhelming that you can’t help but eat everything in sight? Well dread smelling delicious food no more! Stink yourself slim will make the best smelling food smell like bowel movements. It’s easy to ruin your appetite forever… just simply spray the foul odor around freshly baked cookies and you’ll never crave cookies again.  So instead of refraining from baking fattening foods while you are on a diet, now you can bake all your favorites and then ruin them with this spray; therefore, losing your money and your appetite at the same time!


Do you agree with my list of dumbest inventions of the last decade?                                                                                                                                                                                              Comment below and give me your feedback by sharing some of the dumbest inventions you’ve ever seen!